Filoskin XVinyl Vinyl - Nitrile Blue Powder-Free

GLVE - 208

Filoskin XVinyl Vinyl - Nitrile Blue Powder-Free
Unique Composition of Vinyl + Nitrile 



  • More durable and more soft than Vinyl gloves
  • More economic, with better sweat absorption and more loose fitting than Nitrile gloves
  • The innovative Nitrile Compound creates a new, pioneer synthetic product which
    offers the advantages of Nitrile gloves and Vinyl gloves at the same time.
  • Nitrile Compound gloves are used extensively in the medical field and in the industrial
    field (dentistry, clinics, first aid, waste disposal, etc)
  • Suitable for HACCP certified places
  • Suitable for food contact (non-fatty foodstuff)
  • Blue color
100 pcs / box
1000 pcs / carton